Saturday, April 10, 2010

LinkedIn for Blackberry: Outlook Contact Photo's Overwritten

I recently installed the new LinkedIn for Blackberry application.  What I have noticed is that for each of my contacts on LinkedIn that have not uploaded a profile picture (on LinkedIn), their profile picture in my Outlook Address Book has been updated with a blank general picture. This is not acceptable, i.e. that LinkedIn overwrites the profile pictures that I had created for my contacts.

For example, Contact A in my Address Book - - - in my Outlook Address Book I had his company logo as his profile photo. No profile photo was uploaded by Contact A to LinkedIn. When synchronizing between LinkedIn and Blackberry / my Address Book, LinkedIn has updated the company logo of Contact A in my Address Book with a blank general photo.

I recommend that LinkedIn fix this issue so that users have a choice as to which contact photo they want to use, i.e. the one that they choose or the one imposed on them by LinkedIn.
Now I have many contacts to check and make sure that their profile pictures are as they should be in my Address Book, and not some blank photo imposed on me by LinkedIn.

Thanks in advance.


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